Sheet with PTFE/CF/Graphite – 10-10-10 (mod)

Sheet with PTFE/CF/Graphite – 10-10-10 (mod)


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Sheets from PEEK are offered usually extruded and cut in standard lenths. Various sheet thicknesses possible. Our Dexnyl PEEK sheets are made of our own CoPEEK or compounds based on CoPEEK or other conventional brands.


Sheets of thicknesses between 10mm and 50mm of PEEK nature but also as reinforced PEEK.


Download technical Datasheet as PDF:

xNot applicable
k.Br.No break
n.d.Not feasible
-Not determined
Material code--Internal StandardA3B
Densityρkg/dm3ISO 11831,48
Compressive modulusEcMPaDIN EN ISO 6045454
Elastic limitσelMPaInternal Standard123
Comprssive stress at yieldσYMPaDIN EN ISO 604n.v.
Compressive strengthσMMPaDIN EN ISO 604n.v.
Compressive stress at 3,5% strainσ3,5%MPaDIN EN ISO 60495
Compressive strength (0,01 h)σMMPaInternal Standard1131
Compressive strength (100 h)σMMPaInternal Standard109
Compressive strength (10000 h)σMMPaInternal Standard60
Compressive stress at breakσBMPaDIN EN ISO 604k.Br.
Elastic compression limitεel%Internal Standard4,8
Nominal compressive yield strainεcy%DIN EN ISO 604n.v.
Nominal compressive strain at compressive strengthεcM%DIN EN ISO 604n.v.
Nominal compressive strain at breakεcB%DIN EN ISO 604k.Br.
Modulus in tension (tensile modulus)EtMPaDIN EN ISO 5277800
Elastic limitσelMPaInternal Standard64
Tensile stress at yieldσYMPaDIN EN ISO 527120
Tensile strengthσMMPaDIN EN ISO 527142
Tensile stress at breakσBMPaDIN EN ISO 527136
Elastic yield pointεel%Internal Standard2,7
Yield strainεy%DIN EN ISO 527-
Elongation at maximum forceεM%DIN EN ISO 5273,9
Tensile elongation at breakεB%DIN EN ISO 5274,5
Modulus in flexureEfMPaDIN EN ISO 1787000
Outer fibre stress at 3,5% outer fibre strainσf3,5MPaDIN EN ISO 178150
Flexural strengthσfMMPaDIN EN ISO 178210
Flexural stress at breakσfBMPaDIN EN ISO 178k.Br.
Elongation at flexural yield stressεM%DIN EN ISO 178-
Flexural elongation at breakεB%DIN EN ISO 178k.Br.
Creep modulus at 1% deformation after 1000 hEN/mm²DIN 534444560
Stress at 1% deformation after 1000 hσ1%N/mm²DIN 5344444
Creep resistance--Relative valueNumber 7
Ball indetation hardness H358/30 (H132/30) [H49/30]HBN/mm²DIN 2039231
Shore A hardness-ShoreDIN 53505>100
Shore D hardness-ShoreDIN 5350588
Impact strength Charpy not notched-kJ/m²EN ISO 179/1eU23
Impact strength Charpy notched-kJ/m²EN ISO 179/1eA9,3
Loss tangent (1Hz)tanδ1Internal Standard0,061
Fatigue strength at 20°C, 106 stress cycles, 1 Hz-MPaInternal Standard105
Continuous operating temperature (long therm)Rti°CUL 746B250
Short term operating temperature (3 h)-°CInternal Standard260
Maximum Rti temperature for bushings when pressed-°CInternal Standard140
Melting temperatureTm°CDSC340
Glass transition temperatureTg°CDSC146
Coefficient of thermal expansion up to 100°Cα10-5/KISO E8303,6
Coefficient of thermal expansion up to 150°Cα10-5/KISO E8313,8
Heat distortion temperature HDT/A 1,8 M PaHDT (A)°CDIN EN ISO 75270
Thermal conductivityλW/(m*K)DIN 526120,24
Specific heat capacitycpW/(m*K)DSC1,06
Fire behaviour (3,2 mm) UL94--UL 94 HBV-0
Limiting oxygen index (LOI)%LOIDIN EN ISO 458943
Volume resistivityRDΩ*cmIEC 600933E4
Surface resistanceROΩIEC 600931,9E4
Penetration resistanceEkV/mmIEC 2430,1
Tracking resistance-VIEC 112-
Dielectric constant (110Hz)-1IEC 2503,3
Dissipation factor (110Hz)tanδ1IEC 1120,004


Max. surface pressure v=1m/minpzulN/mm²Internal test radial bushing15
Max. surface pressure v=10m/minpzulN/mm²3,81
Max. surface pressure v=100m/minpzulN/mm²0,21
Max. surface pressure v=200m/minpzulN/mm²0,14
Evolution of heat with v=1m/min-°C65
Evolution of heat with v=10m/min-°C74
Evolution of heat with v=100m/min-°C110
Evolution of heat with v=200m/min-°C152
µ static 20°C dry operationµstat.1Internal Standard (inclined plane)0,12
µ dynamic 20°C dry operationµdyn.10,10
µ dynamic 100°C dry operationµdyn.10,08
Wear factor at 20°C-mm/100 kmInternal test periodic translative movement under load0,04
Wear factor at 100°C-mm/100 km0,18
Wear factor at 200°C-mm/100 km0,36
Wear factor at 240°C-mm/100 km0,52
Tubes (hollow rods)---
Plastic granules---
Injection moulded parts---
Machined parts---
Dimensional stability with moisture absorption--Relative value 10
Water absorption 23°C / RMC 93%-%DIN EN ISO 620,05
Water absorption until an equilibrium moisture content-%DIN EN ISO 620,1
Dimensional stability with temperature variation--Relative value7
High precision bushings (negative clearance)---
Alignment adjustment--Relative value1
Suitable for use in water---
Resistance against hot water-°C-200
Resistance against dust, dirt, abrasive substances--Relative value10
UV rays resistance--Relative value9
Suitable for outdoor use--Relative value6
Resistance to chemicals--Relative value8
FDA compliant----
Suitable for vaccum---
Rate of desorptiona1hmbar*l (s/cm²)--
Free from silicone---
Free from PTFE---x
Resistance against disinfectant---
Moist heat sterilization--Relative valueŠ7
Gamma-rays radiation sterilization--Relative valueŠ7
Chemical sterilization--Relative valueŠ10
UV-sterilization--Relative value‡10

*All the tests have been conducted with a standard conditioning atmosphere of 23°C (at the moment no other temperature is available). All the test specimens were made through extrusion process. The specified values are established from average values of several tests and they correspond to our today’s knowledge. They are only to be used as information about our products and as help for the material selection. With these values, BIEGLO does not ensure specific properties, or the suitability for certain application, therefore BIEGLO does not assume any legal responsibility for an improper usage.
Since the plastics´ properties depend on the manufacturing process (extrusion, injection moulding), on the dimensions of the semi-finished material and on the degree of crystallinity, the actual properties of a specific product may slightly deviate from the tested ones.
For information about divergent properties do not hesitate to contact us. On request we advise you regarding the most appropriate component design and the definition of material specifications more suitable to your application data. Notwithstanding, the customer bears all the responsibility for the thorough examination of suitability, efficiency, efficacy and safety of the chosen products in pharmaceutical applications, medical devices or other end uses.

Sheet with PTFE/CF/Graphite – 10-10-10 (mod)

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