General Information

General Information


B2B Terms and Conditions as PDF

B2B-only Webshop

We generally expect customers to know what they do with our PEEK-products – we are purely b2b, no consumer products, no private customers. Customers must register with a valid tax-number. We check all new applicants and we reserve the right to refuse registration or sales without explanation.


Dual-Use of PEEK

We expect our customers to adhere to the stringent rules of the sales of dual-use goods especially for customers outside the EU. PEEK can be used in areas (arms, nuclear-power, drugs, etc.) where a special export-permission is required. Customers must declare that they read and follow our dual-use policy. We reserve the right to stop sales or delivery to any party if we suspect potential usage in any activity as mentioned by the EU dual use declaration.



Dual-use export controls and



Quality Statement

Color and Black-Spots in PEEK

PEEK granules and shapes (semi-finished) can come in light grey or related colour-variations. Tempering can change the colour of PEEK shapes and the raw material used has an influence too. We normally don't accept quality claims based on the colour of our goods supplied.

Black-spots are a regular and unwanted occurence in PEEK. Any PEEK can have black-spots. Usually it is a carbonized monomer or another impurity and small spots do not significantly impact the mechanical properties.

If a customer has a problem with the colour or the size/amount of balck-spots a picture and a short report has to be send to Our sales-team will help to find a solution.

BIEGLO GmbH is the place for small user of standard PEEK-products - unregualr orders below € 2.000.- per order.

BIEGLO is a distribution company, a whole-seller, for big volumes - repeat orders, bigger than  € 2.000.- and where technical advice is required… BIEGLO can not manually process very small orders wihtout high surcharges. So if you can find your products on it will be the best offer we can make.