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PEEK rods from offer resistance to elevated temperatures, radiation and chemicals. Their dimensional stability and mechanical strength are second to none. Parts made-up of our PEEK offer excellent hydrolysis and electrical insulation. Easy machining and wide range of certifications are given advantages. BIEGLO offers additionally tribologically modified PEEK with superieor sliding properties and abraision resistance.


Dexnyl© is a brand of BIEGLO GmbH used for our products of High-Performance Polymers. PEEK-Rods offered here are 1.000mm long and extruded (extr). We offer virgin, natural PEEK (nat) and compounded PEEK: PTFE/CF/Graphite – 10-10-10 (mod), PTFE (ptfe), Carbon Fiber (cf). When you order PEEK-rods we will apply a rebate for large volumes and a surplus-cost for very small orders; furthermore a logistic-cost will be added for the transport to your destination. You must log-in prior to placing an order and getting the detailed cost information.Other conditions can be found in the General Terms. Many other products are available when you contact us by E-mail.


Rods Made in Germany by experienced extrusion companies. Our natural PEEK-rods are very well balanced and offer a slightly higher tenacity than common PEEK-rods. We deliver rods world-wide: high quality at competitive prices. Rods made up-of PEEK-PTFE or PEEK modified (PTFE, graphite, carbon-fibre) are also available from BIEGLO.


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Œ1 Low
•10 High
x Not applicable
(√) Limited
k.Br. No break
n.d. Not feasible
- Not determined
n.v. Unavailable

*All the tests have been conducted with a standard conditioning atmosphere of 23°C (at the moment no other temperature is available). All the test specimens were made through extrusion process. The specified values are established from average values of several tests and they correspond to our today’s knowledge. They are only to be used as information about our products and as help for the material selection. With these values, BIEGLO does not ensure specific properties, or the suitability for certain application, therefore BIEGLO does not assume any legal responsibility for an improper usage.
Since the plastics´ properties depend on the manufacturing process (extrusion, injection moulding), on the dimensions of the semi-finished material and on the degree of crystallinity, the actual properties of a specific product may slightly deviate from the tested ones.
For information about divergent properties do not hesitate to contact us. On request we advise you regarding the most appropriate component design and the definition of material specifications more suitable to your application data. Notwithstanding, the customer bears all the responsibility for the thorough examination of suitability, efficiency, efficacy and safety of the chosen products in pharmaceutical applications, medical devices or other end uses.


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1000 mm


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