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PEEK film is thermoplastic film that is characterized by a distinct combination of properties, which include:

  • excellent wear resistance
  • best-in-class fatigue resistance
  • high purity
  • and excellent chemical resistance to organics, acids, and bases


These properties make it well-suited for applications in:

  • aerospace
  • electronics
  • chemical processing
  • healthcare
  • transportation

...and other industrial uses.

The super-thin film provides durability, strength, and high heat resistance in a high-performance laminate which also consists of aluminum foil and a proprietary adhesive.


PEEK film in thicknesses ranging from 10 to 1.000 micron can be supplied.


Aplications are wide:

  • speaker diaphragms
  • insulation
  • coating for metal parts


PEEK products according to customer's specifications;   Thicknesses between 6µm (0,006 mm) up to 1300µm (1,3 mm);   Width usually about 420mm, but customer preferences of special sizes or thicknesses will be provided.  

PEEK Films are available at BIEGLO


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